EGC 2005 Ridenour

Evergreen launches with first practicum student, Jonathan Ridenour, who helped shape and create EGC.

EGC 2006 Nelson

EGC 2.0 saw Evergreen’s first full year practicum placement with Jeff Nelson.

EGC 2007 Kaye

EGC 3.0 was Amy Kaye’s (now Amy Aadland) year. This year EGC became a 501c3 (charity) with the IRS.

EGC 2008 Snow

This year, EGC and Kim Snow moved to Dr. Goff’s private practice office where it is now.

EGC 2009 Lee

EGC 5.0 brought EGC it’s first home-grown fully Oregon-educated student, Chloe Lee.

EGC 2010 Mueller

Rachel Mueller was the therapist as EGC turned 6. EGC 5.0’s Chloe Lee contined as a part-time therapist as well.

EGC 2011 Torres

EGC 7 fully adopts an electronic health record system and adopts ACT as the primary therapy model.

EGC 2012 Irvine

EGC 8 tightens up it’s outcome data efforts with Michael Irvine serving as it’s practicum therapist.

EGC 2013 Satterlee

EGC 9 welcomed multi-lingual Michelle Satterlee from recent years living in mean different European countries.

EGC 2014 Lee

EGC 10 had it’s first all-George Fox educated practicum student (BA, MA, PsyD in training), Jessica Lee.

EGC 2015 Burrell

EGC 11 welcomed Jesse Burrell, former student representative of the Oregon Chapter of ACBS.

EGC 2016 Winterrowd

EGC 12 had as its therapist Molly Winterrowd, Portland native with a special interest in Health Psychology.

EGC 2017 Manns & Reed

EGC 13 had two part-time therapists, Annelise Manns and Gabe Reed. Thank you Annelise & Gabe!

EGC 2018 Summers & Harris

EGC 14 enjoyed the hard working Will Summers and Heather Harris as its two part-time therapists.

EGC 2019 Sallee

EGC 15 was hosted by Carl Sallee who brought his passion for underserved and disadvantaged populations to EGC. Thank you, Carl!

EGC 2020 Higa

EGC 16 had its second all-GFU educated therapist (BA, MA, PsyD expected 2022), Nathan Higa.Thank you, Nathan!

EGC 2021 Powers & Hazel

EGC 17 has its third two-person team (and first all-female team) of therapists, Shelby Powers and Janine Hazel. Welcome Shelby and Janine!